Yunit in LTS base (Ubuntu 16.04 and Qt 5.9.1) and other project updates

We are still alive!

While most people were enjoying their summer holidays (at least in the North hemisphere :D), the Yunit team spent countless hours on making Yunit a reality.

The first step was to port Yunit to Debian (stable, testing and Sid), and Ubuntu 16.04. During the last month we focused on backporting Qt 5.9 to ubuntu 16.04, which is completed today (packages are available in our repos). Having Yunit running in an LTS distro (16.04) and also an LTS Qt base (5.9) will greatly benefit UBPorts who are currently seeking to move Ubuntu Touch to an LTS version.

Apart from that we are also working in Debian Sid which adds a new challenge: the switch from GCC 6 to GCC 7, and also in porting Yunit to the upcoming ubuntu 17.10, a work currently done by Khurshid Alam in his personal PPA, which will eventually be merged in Yunit’s official repos.

In the same time, Joseph Rushton Wakeling, with the great assistance of Alan Griffiths (Canonical developer and MirAL creator), is working in porting the unity-system-compositor to MirAL instead of directly using the Mir server API. This abstraction layer between the compositor and the server will facilitate keeping Yunit compatible with the newer version of Mir-server and, in the future, make it runnable over the Wayland protocol.

In the meantime OSSPlanet Project, generously offered to sponsor all the Yunit servers and network bandwidth by hosting the services on their hardware. While we are very thankful for the generosity and the help, unfortunately we are still keeping this on hold, as we were not able to give a response not having the time and resources to actually discuss it in depth and come with a migration plan for our current infrastructure. Further to our current infrastructure, we also need to dicuss and design our CI infrastructure, so this might take some more time.

As a final note, many people are involved in translating Yunit and although there is much work done already, we have still many incomplete languages or languages without translators.

Things are moving forward and more and more people are getting involve in the project. We are very happy with what was achieve, but so much is left to do!

The great thing about free software is that anybody can add its line to the code, and we definitely need more lines. If you are interested in understanding and creating a brand new (and revolutionary) desktop environment, do not hesitate contacting us. Any help is appreciated and yours could make a difference.

8 thoughts on “Yunit in LTS base (Ubuntu 16.04 and Qt 5.9.1) and other project updates”

  1. Awesome news guys! Glad to hear that you guys are doing great. Keep up the good work! Cant wait to try a updated Yunit again 🙂

    1. Hi! Given our current resources it is hard for us to officially support 32 bit version.

      However, if someone is interesting in building 32bit packages, we will be happy to assist them in any way we can.

  2. I am SOOOO happy you guys are continuing this project! I loved Unity and was really looking forward to 8. But, I’m also a Fedora guy… is anyone working on Fedora Packages that you know of?

  3. Thanks for the update! I’ve switched to Fedora while I wait to see the outcome of this project. I’m hoping so badly for Yunit to succeed–I miss unity :.(

  4. Are there any plans to modify Yunit’s interface in the future, such as adding a dash replacement, or the option of an iconified app list?

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