Yunit packages for ubuntu 16.04 LTS

We are pleased to announce that Yunit is now available as an overlay repository for ubuntu 16.04 LTS xenial (64bit).

Installation instructions

The following have been tested and should work with an existing ubuntu 16.04, ubuntu gnome 16.04, lubuntu 16.04 and xubuntu 16.04 installation.

They will not work in either kubuntu 16.04 or ubuntu mate 16.04 due to the updated Qt libraries (see known issues below).

Open a terminal and execute the following commands

if asked, choose lightdm as display manager.

  wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add
  echo 'deb [arch=amd64] xenial main' | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yunit.list
  echo 'deb-src xenial main' | sudo tee --append /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yunit.list
  sudo apt update
  sudo apt upgrade
  sudo apt install yunit-desktop

Security Checks

If you are concerned about security (and you should be), please verify the key fingerprint of yunit.gpg.key which is as follows

  pub 2048R/5604A4FE 2017-05-31 John Salatas <>;
        Key fingerprint = 9F77 C889 C9A2 901F EA37 96BC B10E EEED 5604 A4FE
  sub 2048R/4007B768 2017-05-31 [expires: 2019-05-31]

Known issues

As a general note this is considered alpha quality software and you should expect many issues and/or crashes. Currently we are aware of the following issues.

  • Most of the Qt/KDE applications should not work any more
    This is due to the updated Qt libraries (5.7.1), so if you are currently using any Qt/KDE applications, the last command sudo apt install yunit-desktop will fail.

    This issue will not be fixed in ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The only exception is that we will try to test and fix any issues related to the ubuntu SDK. We will also test the possibility of upgrading Qt Libraries to version 5.9 which is also an LTS version. This combination (Yunit in ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Qt 5.9 LTS) would be the perfect choice to be ported to phones by UBPorts.

  • Proprietary GPU drivers will not work
    We have verified that proprietary NVIDIA drivers don’t work. So If you are using it, you need to switch to the open driver (nouveau) before installing. Probably, the same applies to other proprietary GPU drivers which we haven’t tested.

We are looking forward to hear your feedback. If something doesn’t work for you please let us know preferably via our forum.


What will happen next?

The release of Yunit packages for ubuntu 16.04 LTS marks or first milestone, regarding the availability of Yunit for all the supported platforms. Our next steps is to setup a CI infrastructure which will give us the ability to actually start working with the code and start improving Yunit by either fixing existing unity 8 bugs in launchpad or developing new features.

Will there be any packages for 32bit distros?

We would love to but due to our limited resources at this time, we are not planning to provide any packages for 32bit distros. However, if someone wants to be involved with this, then please contact us.

12 thoughts on “Yunit packages for ubuntu 16.04 LTS”

  1. I seguenti pacchetti hanno dipendenze non soddisfatte:
    yunit-desktop : Dipende: unity8-desktop-session ma non sta per essere installato
    Dipende: unity8-greeter ma non sta per essere installato
    Dipende: account-plugin-mcloud ma non sta per essere installato
    Dipende: account-plugin-microsoft ma non sta per essere installato
    Dipende: account-plugin-nextcloud ma non sta per essere installato
    Dipende: account-plugin-owncloud ma non sta per essere installato

    1. That probably means that you have some Qt/KDE applications installed that would break after the update. So IMHO it is better not to try it: remove the yunit repo and roll back any updated packages to their original versions. If you have any other issues, please post in in our forum and I’ll be glad to help you.

  2. I’m very keen to try it, however I would like some clarification beforehand.
    (sorry if dumb questions, I’m a unemancipated user)
    1.following your instruction will I have yunit desktop installed alongside classic desktop?
    2.will yunit installation affect functionality of other installed desktop/application?
    3.can you please provide instruction for revert changes and or recover non working install?

    1. 1) Yes
      2) No
      3) sudo apt purge yunit-desktop
      sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yunit.list
      sudo apt update
      and then remove/downgrade any leftover packages, should do the job.

      1. thanks for your reply.
        I gave it a go and at the end I got a working (well kind of) yunit session. Unfortunately this created all sort of problems to my current unity7 install. I had to remove and reinstall xorg to rescue it. (perhaps to fix a modified config file??) .
        Still some bits and pieces of unity8 around after purging removing and such…not a big deal.
        do you think is a good idea to install yunit as unique desktop on top of a ubuntu netinstall ? would I be needing to manually install tons of packages to meet dependency? cheers and keep it up with the hard work

      2. Hi,
        Thanks for the hard work you’ve done so far and continue to do.
        I tried it on Ubuntu 16.04.2(with Unity), but failed with the same issue Pros has so I have done sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yunit.list, sudo apt update but since I had nothing to uninstall well…you understand.
        The problem is that we cannot know what packages are updated / installed and so it would be great if we would have available a list of those so we can remove / downgrade.
        My issue is that most applications take long to start now.

  3. Great news! After Canonical decision i thought that it would be great that someone would fork the project, since it’s a clean, intelligent interface. So thanks and good, very good luck. And please inform us about donation etc…

  4. Please come up with yet another distro, base on Linux Mint but with Yunit, I will use it.
    Also allow for two menus on the new OS, Mate and Yunit!

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