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Hello, this post is an update to the announcement that Yunit will be changing its leadership structure to a democratically elected committee which you should read here if you have not already.
In this post, I want to provide a timeline for the Yunit council elections and some additional details for those interested in running as candidates.

April 29 – May 15: Interested community members announce their candidacy (more details on how to below).
May 15: The last day for anyone to announce their candidacy and still be included on the ballot.
May 16: The names of running candidates will be collected and added to the ballot.
May 17 – May 30: Online polls will open with the names of those who had announced their candidacy on the ballot. Members of the community are able to vote on their favorite council candidates during this time period.
May 30: The last day for anyone to vote in the council elections, and polls will be closed at 12:00 AM (midnight) Eastern Standard Time.
May 31: The votes will be counted and winners will be announced.
June 1: The Yunit council will have its first meeting which will be live streamed publically.

How to run?
This is an exciting opportunity to help lead a community and make important decisions that will make the Yunit desktop a polished and pleasant experience. However, being a Yunit council member requires dedication and members will need to attend meetings and participate in the community for their entire term (1 year). If you believe that you have what it takes to fulfill the aforementioned roles then read on.
To run for a council position you will need to make a post in the Organization Team section of the Yunit forum, outlining why the community should vote you onto the council, and any experience you may have with community-based projects.

Here is a template which you may (but do not have to) follow in your post:

  • Full Real Name (for ballot):
  • Why do you want to be a Yunit council member?
  • What leadership experience do you have?
  • What development experience do you have?
  • What ideas do you have for the future of Yunit?
  • Any other information you think the community may want to know.

Candidates should a new topic in the Yunit’s Organization Team forum including his name in the topic’s subjects. I believe it help other users to ask questions to the candidate and to have a better picture, if everything related to a particular candidate is separated.

Thank you for your time, and good luck to those who are running as candidates.

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